Clarion Downloads

Here you can find free templates and IDE features that we have created to extend Clarion


Validity Check Template

The fc_util.tpl template contains a template that allows a field to be validated as "Must be in File" or NULL.   To use the template you need to register fc_util.tpl and then add the ValidityCheck template as a global extension in your data application.  If you do not use a data application, then the template needs to be added to your app file that creates your exe.  There are no properties to set for the template.  The template works via Option settings in the dictionary.

The ferrettconsulting.dctopt file is optional and, if used, must be placed in your data\DictionaryOptions directory.  This file will make it easy for you to set the necessary options in your dictionary.

To configure your dictionary to use the ValidyCheck template you need to add a user option to a field that has the validity check set to "Must be in Table".

If you have installed ferrettconsulting.dctopt then you need to add a predefined option of type "FerrettConsulting.Field Validation.MustBeInFile or NULL" or "FerrettConsulting.Field Validation.MustBeInFileor NULL GUID".  If you do not have ferrettconsulting.dctopt installed, then you need to add either the MustBeInFileOrNULLGUID or MustBeInFileOrNULL boolean option.  This option must be set to True.

The GUID option is for use with fields that store GUIDs in a STRING(16).  In all other cases use the non-GUID option.

fc_util.tpl (last updated 26-Jul-2011)

ferrettconsulting.dctopt (last updated 14-Nov-2010)


Beyond Compare TXA and DCTX Comparison Rules

We use Beyond Compare to compare txa and dctx files checked into subversion.  To make it easier to find the real differences (particularly in the txa) we have created Beyond Compare Grammars that mark most irrelevant changes as comments.  You can download the Grammars here.  To install the Grammars, start Beyond Compare and from the Tools menu select "Import Settings..." and select the TxaDctxFileFormats.bcpkg.


These files are made accessible courtesy of  Dropbox, a free and easy way to share data.